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Fortress Rosenberg Kronach

One of the most beautiful and largest fortifications in Germany

That through the old town of Kronach rises the former Bambergische Bishop's Castle and later state fortress on the Rosenberg. The oldest surviving document that mentions the name "Rosenberg", dates back to 1249, respectively.

Clearly visible are the different phases showing the medieval keep on the walls and towers of the 15th and 16th century, to the Pentagon bastionären from the late Baroque period, the ever-changing needs in the construction of defenses through the centuries. The juxtaposition of medieval, renaissance and baroque time Wehrbauarchitektur helps the system today its significant position within the architectural history of the German military construction. The famous architect Maximilian von Welsch and Balthasar Neumann were involved in the development of the fortifications.

The fort was never taken by enemies or defeated. 1888, the city acquired the castle as property without military significance. The early baroque fortress gate, one of the most beautiful in Germany, was probably built by Antonio Petrini.

Of special attraction is the underground passage system, which can be viewed as part of the fortress guides.

Opening times:

fortress guides

March to October; Tuesday to Friday: 11:00, 12:30, 14.00 and 15.30 clock or after registration

November to February; Tuesday to Sunday: 11:00 to 14:00 clock or after registration

Opening times Franconian Gallery

March to October; Tuesday to Sunday 09:30 clock - 17:30 clock

November to February: closed

Please note this is Monday the fortress Rosenberg and the Franconian Gallery closed!
Foto: Stefan Wicklein


Faust Festival Kronach in the fortress Rosenberg

On the romantic bastion of the medieval fortress Rosenberg every summer a magical theater experience very special, because Kronach has one of the smallest and most original summer theater in Germany.
The theater presents each year the greatest classics of world literature as easy to understand, folk close and entertaining theater.

The professional outdoor theater of the city Kronach at the Fortress Rosenberg in Germany with a unique concept: Every year, "Faust" and besides only the greatest classics of world literature - absolutely clear, understandable for everyone, engaging, enthralling and entertaining.

Theater as theater - even in 2015, again with a colorful program for the whole family!
Seasons: from July to september!

Foto: Harald Lappe


Wasserschloß Mitwitz (approximately 15 km)

The water palace is the symbol of Mitwitz. It is now place various cultural events and festivals. Concerts in the "White Room" are as popular as the far beyond the region known castle park festival in the summer month of July. The Catholic palace chapel invites you to worship. For guests a lock guide is mandatory.


Lauenstein Castle (approximately 20 km)

The oldest parts of the hilltop castle date back to the 12th century. The built by the knights of Thüna 1551-1554 main wing is a remarkable example of Renaissance in Central Germany.
1896 was a private citizen, Dr. Erhard Messmer, the neglected building renovation within the meaning of late historicism and endowed him again.
After 1962, the Bavarian Palace Department restored the castle and opened it as a museum. You can see today in addition to armor and weapons, and ethnographic furniture and special collections of historic keys and locks, lights and musical instruments.

opening times

April-September: 9:00 - 18:00 clock

October to March: 10:00 -16: 00 clock

closed on Mondays



German Steam Locomotive Museum (about 30 km)

The fascination of the steam locomotive is unbroken, although 1977, the last "black giants of the track" their active duty ended and have been sidelined. In the former depot New Market / Wirsberg, in northern Bavaria in the region Kulmbach - Bayreuth - Located yard, you can be whisked away to a bygone time. The heart of the collection with more than 30 steam locomotives is a segment with 15ständiger roundhouse turntable. The engine shed and the generous open spaces with around 15,000 m² invite you to take a walk through about 150 years of railway history.
Bavarian, Saxon and Prussian locomotive types, as well as provide Reichsbahn and Federal Railroad series of older and more recently an impressive insight into the German railway history. In the German Steam Locomotive Museum Children's dreams come true. A world of experience really special is waiting to be discovered by you.

Museum opening times

Tuesday - Sunday and public holidays

10 to 17 clock

Closed on Mondays - except public holidays



Ködeltalsperre (approximately 15 km)

The Ködeltalsperre in Nordhalben / Stone Meadows is the largest drinking water reservoir in Bavaria. It is located in the typical hilly landscape of the Franconian Forest; narrow valley bottoms and steep forested slopes and vast, scenic used plateaus dominate the landscape. In addition to their purpose to supply drinking water in Upper Franconia dam assumes other functions such as flood control and power generation. In addition, the area of the dam has become a magnet for those seeking relaxation. The 11,5 km long, continuous paved trail along the dam is ideal for wheel-drive, skating and is also suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Photo: Siegmund Katholing, Water Authority Kronach